Why Choose Deck the Door Decor?

You have many choices when it comes to protecting your front door – make it an easy choice with a new kick plate from Deck the Door Decor! There are other companies out there that will try to sell you their cheap, mass-produced version of a kick plate, but they are generic, not able to be customized and offer sub-standard protection for your door when compared to Deck the Door Decor!

We believe in making things personal. We take pride in being the first to give our customers the freedom to really customize their kick plates according to their needs and tastes. This has been a driving force of our success in this business so far. Our products are customizable, available in many unique designs and styles and are durable enough to offer protection for your door for years to come.

Here are some of the ways our kick plates stand out from the competition:

  • Enduring – Our kick plates are made from high-quality aluminum. This means they will endure the test of time and will not rust.

  • Affordable – We try our best to make our kick plates affordable for every household that wants one.

  • Custom – Available in multiple finishes, engraving choices, and design options ensures that your kick plate is made just for you and can fit in with your house or company’s design.

  • Easy to Install – Because our kick plates can be purchased in both permanent and semi-permanent installation options, they are easy for you to install yourself! We even provide an installation video to make things as easy as possible.

One of our most popular kick plate choices is our high-quality brass kick plate. Brass kick plates were originally designed to provide protection from abrasions, scrapes, and scuffs that can destroy a door’s finish. However, with Deck the Door Decor, not only does a brass kick plate serve as an extra layer of protection, but it is also a way to upgrade the curb appeal of your home without spending a ton of money! Installing a new brass kick plate on your front door will instantly give your home’s face a much needed face-lift that will welcome  guests to your home and brighten up your entry! With our engraving and monogramming options, you can truly express your home’s unique style in a practical, innovative way.

Get started today! Begin by browsing through our collection of finished products or jump right in and visit our product pages to order your personal kick plate today!