Traditional Door Kick Plates

Starting at $75.00


As far as Door Kick Plates are concerned, we have all of the options you could ever think of; solid brass, solid bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum finish kick plates as well. A door kick plate will help protect your door from unsightly wear and tear in busy, high-traffic thresholds.

We suggest the aluminum finish door kick plates (available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and Shiny Brass finish) over the solid brass, bronze and steel options for a few reasons; anodized aluminum door kick plates will not rust, tarnish, fade, or blemish over time and they are actually cheaper! For once, a superior product is cheaper and looks better for longer!

Choose from the options below, we can make any size you need!

Our custom size door kick plates are made from high quality anodized aluminum which means that you never have to worry about them tarnishing, fading, or rusting. They hold up to the elements very well, and will last for years to come! No polish or elbow grease required, just wipe them off with mild soap and water every once and a blue moon!

We also offer traditional Stainless Steel, Solid Brass, and Solid Bronze door kick plates as well

Personalize your home, transform your entryway, boost curb appeal, and protect your door with unique style that lasts.

We can make custom door kick plates in any size. Please send us a photo of your kick plate once it is installed on your door, we love to see how it turned out! Also, keep us in mind for gifts! We have gift certificates! When installing a door kick plate please handle with care, edges may be sharp. Installation is super simple; anyone can do it in less than a minute!

If you have any questions, please contact us at (844) KICK-PL8 or (844) 542-5758. You can also email us at

Please click this video link to see how to measure your door to order your custom door kick plate with confidence.

Please click this video link to see how to install your new custom door kick plate.



Kick Plate Specifications

Material – High Quality Anodized Aluminum, or Solid Brass, bronze, or Stainless Steel

Finish Color – Shiny Brass (gold), Brushed Nickel (silver), or Oil Rubbed Bronze (black/brown)

Thickness – 1/20”

Mounting –  Matching Screws or 3M Industrial all weather adhesive

Shipping – Free Next Day Shipping for single orders in the USA (manufacture time may vary)

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Habitat STL Partner

Did you know we make a donation to Habitat for Humanity for every sale we make? We love the idea of “Helping people make their house into their home going full circle, 1 kick plate at a time!