Why You Need a Monogrammed Brass Door Kick Plate for Your Home

Are you looking for unique, creative ways to complement your home decor? Why not install a brass door kick plate? While a brass door kick plate’s main function is to prevent damage to the finish of a door, especially in areas where there is high foot traffic, our custom monogrammed kick plates can also double as a stylish addition to any home. A tasteful monogram customizes your home, tells the world that you take pride in your home, and welcomes guests in style.

Browse through our catalog of door kick plates online, to find the custom monogrammed kick plate that fits your style and tastes!

Reasons to Purchase a Monogrammed Brass Door Kick Plate

  • Durable Protection – Our custom monogrammed kick plates are all made of a durable aluminum and coated with a brass finish. Therefore, our brass door kick plates will stay looking their best for years to come and will not tarnish or rust.
  • Personalized Style – Our kick plates can be customized with any letter as a way to personalize your home. Additionally, you can choose from several different style options as well as a brass or stainless steel finish so that your custom monogrammed kick plate fit your style and tastes.
  • Wedding Gift – A monogrammed brass door kick plate makes the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. For example, what better way to commemorate a newly wed couple tying the knot than with a kick plate etched with the initial of their newly shared name?
  • Housewarming Gift – Moving into a new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life, whether it is a couple buying their first home or finally moving into the home of their dreams, monogrammed brass door kick plates are a great housewarming gift to make a new house feel like home.

Why Buy Your Brass Door Kick Plate from Deck the Door Decor?

  • Customization – Available in several finishes and with several design options, our monogrammed kick plates offer the ultimate customization to fit your sense of style and display your tastes.
  • Durability – All of our brass door kick plates are made from high quality .030 aluminum, which means they will not rust and will last for years.
  • Easy to install – We offer different mounting solutions for both permanent and semi-permanent applications. If you are a renting, we recommend the 3M tape mounting solution because you do not have to drill holes, and it can be easily removed if you are moving to a new place.
  • Family-owned, made in the USA – Since we are a family-operated business, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We deliver top quality products, and you can expect personalized service from us!

How to Order Your Personalized Brass Door Kick Plate

Ordering a brass door kick plate from Deck the Door Decor is easy and hassle free. Simply browse through our selection of door kick plates online. Once you have decided on a design and have incorporated how you want your brass door kick plate customized, just add it to your shopping cart and make the payment. We will take care of the rest, and you will soon have your very own personalized brass door kick plate in your hands, ready to be installed!