Installation / Mounting Guide for Kick Plates for Doors

At Deck the Door Decor, not only do we pride ourselves on producing high quality kick plates for doors, we also make installation as easy as possible. There are two installation options available: screws for permanent installation and 3M adhesive tape for semi-permanent fixture. Please read through the instructions below and watch our installation video to ensure proper installation and to avoid product damage or harming yourself.

If you are here deciding whether or not a kick plate for a door is right for you – you can see just how easy they are to install by watching our tutorial below! Shop our online store for door kick plates that add class and a unique style to any home or office door.

Installing A Kick Plate for Your Door

Kick plates are generally installed on the lower section of your door in order to protect it from damage from people passing through the entryway. A secondary benefit is aesthetic appeal, as kick plates for doors can also act as decoration, personalization, or stylistic flare. A kick plate that matches the door’s other hardware can be a very attractive addition to any entryway. Your new kick plate for your door can be attached either by screw or extra strength adhesive tape.

Note that kick plates for doors are specially packaged to prevent damage during shipping. They have a clear protective plastic film on the front side that must be removed during or after installation.

Taking Proper Measurements

The first step in ensuring proper installation is properly measuring before ordering a kick plate for your door. The width of the kick plate should be roughly 2” shorter than the width of the door you intend to install it on. This is because it is important that the plate does not interfere with doorstops or weather stripping around the door.

Kick Plates for Doors | Mounting & Installation

Also, remember to allow room at the bottom of the door so the kick plate does not come into contact with the sill. For best results, you should measure the closed door dimensions on the side with door stops and any weather stripping ensure your kick plate does not interfere with the operation of the door. For a uniform appearance, leave the same amount of space from the bottom as on the sides of the plate.

We offer kick plates for doors in two standard sizes: 6″ x 30″ and 8″ x 34”. This range will cover most residential doors in use today. Front doors are generally 8” x 34”, and all other doors are generally 6” x 30” (but it important to measure as door sizes have changed over time). For custom orders, please email us at

Mounting A Kick Plate for Your Door

  • Screws: For wooden and other solid doors, the most common mounting method is using screws. Use tacks lightly stuck through the corner holes of your kick plate in order to align it properly. After you have the kick plate in place and properly aligned, you can place screws into the inner holes and then replace the tacks with screws last.
  • Adhesive: Mounting with adhesive is a great option for a semi-permanent fixture. However, this method can be difficult due to the single-use nature of adhesive tape. Therefore, you must have the plate properly aligned and located the first time you attach the kick plate for your door as you will not get another chance with the adhesive.

Learn More About Installing A Kick Plate for Your Door

If you have any questions about the installation process that are not mentioned here, please send us an email at If you are ready to make your purchase, check out our selection of door kick plates and place your custom order today!