Facility Resource Allocation : Save Money on Your Doors

Extend your Facility ROI

Corporations and businesses are constantly looking at ways to reduce cost and make strong investment allocations for the long haul.

One massive opportunity that is overlooked is the doors at your facility. These pieces of building threshold take a beating over the years, and were likely thousands of dollars when the initial build of the structure was commissioned (1-3% of total facility build cost). Companies spend millions every year to upkeep their facility, remodel, and make the site as aesthetically pleasing to clients and employees as possible. It could all be for naught if your nicely rehabbed office still has trashy looking doors.

The average door costs between $500-$3900 each, after installation. Many of them get replaced, which is a shame considering that they still function well. These doors will have skuffs and years of cosmetic wear and tear that could have been avoided. When addressing the poor reflection these ugly doors have on your company image, you have 3 choices in regards to a solution (of which I will use one of our clients as an example so you can see the numbers at play).


A Convention Center has a facility with 65 over-sized solid oak office doors in it’s venue. These doors suffered the fate of all doors that get used; they started to look grungy due to human traffic in the building. To solve this problem;
Choice 1 – Replace the doors. $65,000 in materials, and $50,000 in labor, not to mention all the oak trees you just killed for the new doors, and the perfectly functional doors you just threw away.
Choice 2 – Have the doors refinished. $50,000 in labor and weeks of workers on-site making a mess.
Choice 3 – Order 65 custom over-sized door kick plates with the business logo etched into them from Deck the Door Decor and cover up the damage, while preventing more to come. Just under $10,000 in materials and $1,000 in labor to install (in hours, one day installation).

Obviously they chose option number 3.


At Deck the Door Decor, we offer a simple and cost effective solution to minimize expense while additionally making way for a branding up-grade. Our branded kick plates will outlast the doors you put them on, while putting your logo on every threshold in the facility for 1/3 the price of the traditional options. All of those perks come along with the added benefit of being the damage prevention we were speaking to in the beginning of the article regarding ROI on Facility Investment.

Curious how to correctly measure your door and install your new kickplate? This video will explain everything you need to know!

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