Embossed Kick Plates

Did you know that Deck the Door Decor is the only place on the planet that you can get Embossed kick plates?

We offer unique copper, bright shiny brass,  and brushed stainless finish textured Embossed kick plates that are available in different patterns like hammered, tree bark, quilted, and ribbed. These kick plates protect your doors while adding an unforgettable design element to your home. Talk about boosting curb appeal!

Embossed Kick Plates

If you have any questions, please contact us at (844) KICK-PL8 or (844) 542-5758. You can also email us at Sales@DeckTheDoorDecor.com.

Please click this video link to see how to measure your door to order your custom door kick plate with confidence.

Please click this video link to see how to install your new custom door kick plate.


Kick Plate Specifications

Material – High Quality Brass, Copper, or Stainless Steel

Thickness – 24 gauge

Mounting –  Matching Screws

Shipping – Free Next Day Shipping for single orders in the USA (manufacture time may vary)

Our copper products are delivered to your door in a nice shiny finish, they will patina on their own over time though! There are simple solutions to keep that shiny look, and there are even ways to expedite the patina process if that is the look that you desire.

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Habitat STL Partner

Did you know we make a donation to Habitat for Humanity for every sale we make? We love the idea of “Helping people make their house into their home going full circle!