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Whether you are looking for a custom kick plate for your home, business, or as a gift for a loved one, Deck the Door Decor has exactly what you are looking for! A customized kick plate not only increases the longevity of your doors, but also makes for a low cost way to set yourself apart and add a touch of class and personal style to your entryway or any other door in your home or office.

If you have any questions about our products, take a look at our kick plates for doors FAQ. With our wide selection of kick plate styles and finishes, we are sure to have one that matches your unique taste and style. Shop our selection of door kick plates online and find the perfect one to customize with your monogram, logo, or branded message.

If you have questions about our kick plates or placing custom orders, please contact us using the contact information below.

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Why to Choose Deck the Door Decor for Your Custom Kick Plates

Custom Logo Etched & Monogrammed Kick Plates

Kick plates are often overlooked as simply something you buy to protect your doors in high traffic areas. However, at Deck the Door Decor, we believe that kick plates can be used for something more – like promoting a business or personalizing your door. We are the only company that offers customized kickplates, and we take great pride in our work! Whether you need a company logo, a monogram, or designer style, Deck the Door Decor has you covered.

A custom logo kick plate can easily set your office entrance apart from your neighbors, and gives you an extra opportunity to catch the eyes of potential customers or clients as they walk by. A monogrammed plate is perfect for a homeowner that wants to create an air of elegance before visitors even enter the house. We have a number of popular finishes such as brass, stainless steel, and brushed nickel. Whatever your reason for wanting a custom kick plate, Deck the Door Decor promises that every plate we ship is of the highest quality and is made in the USA with the utmost care.

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Our company started as a project in a living room while we were looking for a way to pay the bills and make ends meet. Our mother made everything by hand, and even though she has more help these days, we still have the same passion for our products that we did when we just started. Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction, and so we always strive to create the highest quality kick plates on the market.

If you have any questions about our products, please take a moment to look over our frequently asked questions page. Then, browse our products online to see our complete selection and place an order for your customized door kick plates – we know we will have something that fits your unique sense of style and taste.