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Commercial Door Kick Plates | Business Logo Etched

Commercial door kick plates; reinvented. Here at Deck the Door Decor, we understand that companies are in a continuing race to edge out their competition. Every advantage needs to be harnessed, especially in industries where the number of players is large. We can help firms to stand out in a crowded field, by providing them with custom commercial door kick plates that are memorable and compelling when seen by potential clients. We engrave our durable kick plates with your company logo, slogan, or branding marks giving a professional and elegant look to your doors.

If your company is looking for custom commercial door kick plates, to give your premises that something extra, we would be happy to assist you. Place a custom order for your logo kick plates online or contact us to learn more and so that we can begin the process of finding the right kick plates to meet your needs.

Business Logo Kick Plates

Commercial Door Kick Plates & Your Business

The truth is that would-be customers notice a lot of things about storefronts, shops, and your building and these quick observations often subconsciously affect their shopping and buying decisions. This is something that most businesses are already aware of, and so they try to meet at least minimum standards of cleanliness, organization, and appearance. However, companies often need to do more, try harder, and use different and novel means to elevate the look of their premises. This is where something like a business logo kick plate from Deck the Door Decor can help.

Since our commercial door kick plates exude class and elegance, this allows your store, shop, or business to reach out and create a great first impression on passers-by and other would-be clients. It is hard to ignore plates with beautiful brass, stainless steel, or silver finishes, since these are a pleasure to look at and touch. Also, since our kick plates are customized with your business logo, they help to reinforce branding and marketing efforts. Our kick plates are available in multiple and custom sizes, which means that even larger doors or those with non-traditional shapes or mechanisms, can be properly fitted with our plates. This allows just about any business to benefit from our products.

Commercial Door Kick Plates Projecting Professionalism & Brand Reinforcement

Much of the communication that takes place each day happens at the non-verbal level. This

Historic Lafayette Square Park House custom door kick plate by Deck the Door Decor

Historic Lafayette Square Park House custom door kick plate by Deck the Door Decor

means that the look and feel of your commercial door kick plates can already communicate a lot of information to potential customers before you know it. Rather than seeing scuffed and worn doors, your customers are greeted with a customized kick plate etched with a crisp rendition of your company’s logo. Having that kind of front door will mean that people passing by and those who walk through it, will view a very concrete representation of your firm’s attention to detail, exceptional competence, and excellent value. Additionally, incorporating your logo on your kick plate reinforces branding and shows pride in your business.

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Order Your Custom Business Logo Kick Plates

If your firm is looking to harness another level of sophistication with branded commercial door kick plates to stand out from the competition, place an order for our custom logo kick plates online today. Ordering online is easy. In addition to specifics like size and color options, you will just need to send us a copy of your logo in vector format. If that is not available, we can convert your logo into vector form for a small additional charge.

To learn more about our commercial door kick plates or for answers to your questions before ordering, see our Door Kick Plate FAQs page or contact us at

NOTE: All kick plates produced by Deck the Door Decor will have our registered trademark logo incorporated discretely into the design unless specified otherwise. This is our signature used as tracking for warranty information as well as legal identification. This is also how you know you received a top quality product. Enjoy!