Decorative Brushed Nickel Kick Plates

Brushed Nickel Kick Plates

We are not supposed to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this does not seem to hold true when it comes to homes and businesses. More often than you realize, you are being judged based on your curb appeal – or lack of it – and that could become a deal breaker when it comes to the sale of a house or the closing of a business deal. This is why you should take the opportunity to upgrade the exteriors of your home or office just as you do inside.

You can instantly transform the look of your home or office by installing a custom engraved brushed nickel kick plate on your doors. A custom brushed nickel kick plate is a functional yet stylish way to jazz up your home’s entryway or your store’s façade. Originally created as door protection from shoes and scuff marks, the brushed nickel kick plate has become one of the best ways to revamp the point of entry for your business or home. Shop our line of door kick plates today and place your custom order!

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Our Brushed Nickel Kick Plate Products

The brushed nickel kick plate is one of our all-time favorite sellers. This style is perfect for modern homes, new construction, and homes that have been recently renovated. Made from high-grade .032 aluminum and featuring a soft metallic finish in brushed nickel, these kick plates offer a timeless and durable look for your home or office. No matter how many design trends come and go, the classic brushed nickel design can withstand the test of time, and can easily match any other office or home furniture and fixtures.

What makes Deck the Door Decor different from the other kick plate manufacturers is our quality craftsmanship, manifested in our unique custom designs and decorative options when it comes to placing your kick plate orders. Our collection of decorative and custom brushed nickel kick plates includes:

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  • Custom business logo kick plates – Quality, Value, Presence, Professionalism, and Integrity are all descriptors we want to come to mind when people consider our businesses. Our custom business logo kick plates are an affordable opportunity to do just that in an instant. Every business should have a custom kick plate on every door to keep your brand in the fore-front of everybody’s mind (especially for those vital “first” and “last” impressions as they enter or exit your place of business). Elegantly establishing brand recognition with our kick plates will translate to your company’s product or service as the highest perceived value. This is especially important if you host client appointments and meetings, or if you have walk-in traffic.

Your establishment’s façade is the focal point that communicates the value you have to offer; whether you are trying to attract walk-in traffic or instilling the brand identity inside you internal culture. Distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition and lead clients in by having a clearly marked entrance to your establishment. Custom business logo kick plates will add style to your door, while communicating your brand with class and authority. Promoting brand growth by advertising on rent-free space is a lucrative opportunity.

  • Monogram kick plates for the home – Your front door is a prime location to add personality into an otherwise drab entry point. You can have the brushed nickel kick plate that you order from us monogrammed with the first letter of your last name in one of several patterns for that added touch of class and elegance. The brushed nickel finish will complement most modern and craftsman style homes.
  • Decorative kick plates for the home – You can create instant curb appeal and bring style to your home in a day by simply installing a decorative brushed nickel kick plate to your door. By choosing from a myriad of color patterns and etched styles, you can easily find an option that compliments your style and tastes.

Make a Statement with Our Brushed Nickel Kick Plates

Give your door – and your home or business – an instant makeover by installing a brushed nickel kick plate. Shop our door kick plate selection online and place your custom order or view our FAQ page to learn more about our kick plates for front doors.