Decorate & Protect with a Custom Kick Plate for Your Front Door

Still on the fence on how you can upgrade the curb appeal of your home without spending a lot? Installing a custom brass kick plate on your front door will instantly give your facade that much-needed face-lift.

Brass kick plates were originally designed to provide protection from abrasions, scrapes, and scuffs that can destroy a door’s finish. If your doors are used often; installing a brass kick plate proves to be instrumental in protecting your door.

However, with Deck the Door Decor, not only does a brass kick plate serve as an extra layer of protection for your door, it is also a door accent that can welcome guests and brighten up a boring entryway. The best part about our products is that you can express your style with them. We consider ourselves as trailblazers in the industry by offering uniquely designed custom engraved kick plates for doors. Therefore, not only do you get the functionality and protection of a traditional kick plate, you also have the added benefit of adding your own personal touch as well. Use a kick plate by Deck the Door Decor to refresh, invigorate, and customize the look of your home. The curb appeal boost makes a great first impression on your guests.

home door kick plate by deck the door decor missouri brass crop

Johnsons welcome kick plate brass on black door deck the door decor

You can complement the decor of your home with one of our patented designs or our high-quality custom door kick plates monogrammed with the first letter of your last name. To check out our collection of brass door kick plates, shop our online store and place your custom order today!

Why Choose Deck the Door Decor for Your Brass Kick Plate

Brass USA Flag door kick plate by Deck the Door Decor

We offer kick plates in several finish and color options but one of our best-selling products is the brass kick plate. It is a perennial favorite because the brass finish gives off a deep, polished glow and a bright gold-yellow appearance that will certainly flatter any style from modern to traditional, and everything in between.

Our top quality kick plates are:

  • Durable – All of our Brass kick plates are available in multiple finishes. Our products are made from high quality materials. This guarantees  long-lasting beauty despite years of use.
  • Affordable – Protecting your investment and boosting curb appeal with a Brass Kick Plate is much cheaper than a new door.
  • Customizable – Being a family-operated business, we understand how important family is to you. We can make any kind of brass kick plate. We love to help you make your house into your home, one custom brass kick plate at a time!

Learn More About Our Brass Kick Plates

To learn more about our kick plates for doors and for help choosing the kick plate that is right for you, view our FAQs page. You can also shop our online store now to see our wide range of brass door kick plates and more!