Customized Door Kickplate Options for Your Business or Home

Here at Deck the Door Decor, our mission is “to help people make their houses into their homes, one kick plate at a time“. We know that businesses and homeowners continually look for ways to make their properties stand out. This is why our company provides customers with a wide range of one-of-a-kind door kick plate products.

People always say “I want a new front door”

Here’s why you won’t ever do it; the cost. Why spend thousands on a door and installation? You could transform your door with a fresh coat of paint and a personalized door kick plate for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading

My Card My Way

Deck the Door Decor and the St. Louis County Library on TV!

My Card My Way Campaign

St. Louis Public Library and St. Louis County Library are working together to spread awareness about the services and resources offered at the Library.

The My Card, My Way campaign features real patrons telling their stories and how they use the Library. Continue reading

A Custom Door Kickplate Company Committed to Our Customers

Here at Deck the Door Decor, our mission is “to help people turn their house into their home, one custom door kickplate at a time”. We believe in growing and developing our business in ways that are in line with our modest and personal beginnings. We are a small family owned business, and this is why providing quality door kick plate products made in St. Louis, MO, USA, as well as great customer service, are very important to us. As the exclusive provider of unique and customized kick plates, we know that our clients rely on us to come through for them, each and every time and with every order, and this responsibility is something that we take to heart.

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Facility Resource Allocation : Save Money on Your Doors

Extend your Facility ROI

Corporations and businesses are constantly looking at ways to reduce cost and make strong investment allocations for the long haul.

One massive opportunity that is overlooked is the doors at your facility. These pieces of building threshold take a beating over the years, and were likely thousands of dollars when the initial build of the structure was commissioned (1-3% of total facility build cost). Companies spend millions every year to upkeep their facility, remodel, and make the site as aesthetically pleasing to clients and employees as possible. It could all be for naught if your nicely rehabbed office still has trashy looking doors.

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Made in St. Louis: Mom inspires startup business that makes door kick plates

Get to know the guys behind Deck the Door Decor

Deck the Door Decor Owners – Tucker Hiegel and Dan Johnson
Ages – Tucker is 31; Dan is 33
Home – Both live in Ballwin
What they sell – Custom door kick plates starting at $175. The products are made and designed in America, and $5 of every purchase is donated to Habitat for Humanity in St. Louis.
How to buy – Call 1-844-542-5758 or visit

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