Warranty Information

At Deck the Door Decor, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and the best customer experience possible. We pride ourselves on the quality of materials we use and the care we take to create every aluminum kick plate to your exact specifications. Our unique process ensures  fade resistance and protection from wear and tear for a long lasting product.

Warranty Specifics for Our Aluminum Kick Plates

We offer a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, with the exceptions stated below. Warranties last 2 years from the date of purchase.

Our Aluminum Kick Plate Warranty: What Is NOT Covered

Your etched kick plates will never fade, rust, or blemish.

All of our color plates are coated with a UV resistant coating to ensure long-lasting vibrant colors and designs. 

  • This warranty does not cover fading or discoloration caused by extreme exposure to sunlight or chemicals such as ammonia, various caustic or abrasive cleaning products, or household bleach. NOTE: clean with damp soft cloth only.
  • This warranty does not cover excessive use or wear and tear as our plates are designed to withstand “normal use”.
  • Damage upon or during installation or removal is not covered. Please see information under FAQ on how to easily install your kick plates for doors in order to avoid mistakes.

Ready to Purchase Your Customized Aluminum Kick Plate?

We are the only company that can take aluminum kick plates and customize them to your taste and style! From adding a stylish flair to your front door or adding a fresh new look to your business’ storefront, Deck the Door Decor has a kick plate to meet all of your needs.  Stand out from the crowd and buy a new kickplate today!

If you have questions about our kick plate warranty policies, you can reach us at (844) KICK-PL8 or send us an email at sales@DeckTheDoorDecor.com. If you are ready to find the perfect plate for your home or business, shop our door kick plates online now!